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Pet Disaster Kit

Chances are you will never encounter a natural disaster in your lifetime, but if you do, you’ll kick yourself a thousand times over for not being prepared.  In the event that there is a disaster while you are away from home, please make arrangements with neighbors, family or friends ahead of time for your pets to be rescued.  Below are some things to have prepared and ready to go, “just in case”.

Put Pet Alert Decals on the windows of your home.  This will alert emergency personnel and neighbors that there are pets inside the home, the type of pet/s you have, and how many there are.  This is essential if you are planning to be away on a trip.

Emergency contact information 
– friends, family, and your veterinarians information
Microchip your pet – keep this information up-to date
One crate for each pet – a travel crate should be large enough for your pet to sit, stand, turn around, lay down, legs should be able to extend
At least three days of food (minimum) – sudden changes in diet can cause your pet to have diarrhea, be sure to pack your pets regular diet
Favorite toys, treats, bedding – these will be familiar items to your pet, also include something with your scent on it, such as a t-shirt
Leash, collar and harness – leashes are required when you take dogs (cats should be in a pet taxi/carrier) into a public place, especially in a disaster situation.
Muzzle – pack a muzzle, especially if your pet is of the nervous sort, your pet will be even more nervous in stressful surroundings
Kitty litter, pan and scoop – a small litter box, plus pine pellet-type litter (it’s lightweight and absorbent for several days usage)
– to line the pet taxi/carrier
Food and water dish – metal or plastic bowls only
Stakes and tie-outs – 
besides keeping your pet on a leash at all times, a stake with a tie-out can come in handy
Trash bags, plastic bags, paper towels- nervous and stressed pets potty more frequently
Instructions – document your pets medications, dosages, vaccination history, keep in a plastic baggie
Photos – include photos of your pets face, body, unusual markings, and a picture of both you and your pet together in order to provide ownership, put in a plastic baggie

It’s always good to have a pet first aid kit on hand for emergency situations.