About Us


We are so happy that you’ve come to AJs Best Friends Rescue in search of a new furry family member!  AJs Best Friends was founded in 2002 and became an IRS approved 501c3 non-profit in 2003.  Thousands of kitties have found lifetime loving homes through us. Our adopters become our friends and many have come back to adopt again and again.

AJs is not only a local rescue, but also a regional, national and international rescue. We have taken in cats from as far away as Cairo, Egypt, and from national disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. Cheri, our Founder, has been written up in local and national newspapers as well as in Cat Fancy magazine praising the work she has done. In 2015 AJ’s was listed as a Top Rated Nonprofit by Great Nonprofits. Our rescue has amazing cats with amazing stories who are vetted and ready to find their forever – lifetime – loving home.


Our mission is rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming longhair purebred cats. When the need arises, and space permits, we will  rescue other cat breeds in need of a safe place to land. We partner Humane Societies, Animal Controls, and other rescues. We intake from Owners, Finders, Breeders, and Good Samaritans.


We do not have a ‘shelter’. The rescued cats stay in a quiet stress-free loving foster home where they receive medical care and emotional healing until they are adopted. They mingle with our personal cats, who are also rescued kitties. Realistically, we can only help a certain number of cats at a time. We take pride in getting to know our cats personalities which helps us to match the cat’s personalities to your family and other pets. This way they have a much better chance of staying in that home for the rest of their life.  

We DO NOT SHIP.  Due to airline restrictions, pets are not allowed to fly in cargo from April 1st to November 1st due to the extreme heat here in Phoenix, AZ.

Travel Information

 If you live outside Arizona, you must be able to travel to Phoenix, AZ to meet our cats!  Before you choose this option, we highly encourage you to look in your area shelters, Animal Controls, Humane Societies and pet stores before you contact us.   

 Each airline has different rules. Most airlines will not allow more than 2 cats in the cabin. Ask  them what dimensions the carrier needs to be in order to fit under the seat in front of you. Remember that the cat must go through security, and the carrier will need to go through the Xray machine. So you will need to hold the cat while this is done.  We strongly advise you to have the cat in a harness with a leash attached in case the cat attempts to jump. 

Some airlines also require a Health Certificate for the kitty. We will then need to make a Vet appointment at least 24hrs prior to the cat’s departure in order to provide you with that Health Certificate. Some airlines require that you purchase their “approved” carrier. These are extra costs that you will bear, and are not associated with our rescue or adoption fee